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TITLE: Missing in Margate

DESCRIPTION: A care worker is alone in a house. As a mystery unfolds, clues from the present shed light on the past. This first-person exploration game crafts a story of love, friendship and care in one of England’s most beloved seaside towns.

GAME MECHANICS: This game relies on point-and-click actions. Moving between different rooms, and clicking on various objects within them, reveals elements of the story. You can move horizontally across the screen. Clicking on objects makes both text and recorded audio clips appear

CREATED BY TEAM OOPS: Anna Leach, June Barrett, Marzena Zukowska, Pablo Melchor 

STATUS UPDATE: A very early stage of the game can be viewed here. You can check out our full playthrough chock full of images, audio files and texts in this Google Doc. Team Oops will continue working on it with the hopes of having a fleshed out version in January 2022. Stay tuned!

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